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  • Well unsure If I too pissed you off being in Mass but hope all is well.
    Ahoy!! Oi oi oi!
    taz where you at man i made it to mass istarted walkin outta nola got picked up in like 5 minutes
    What up Taz? Im home in New Bedford, Mass getting ready to leave for a spell. What you up to Kevin 617-963-9888, ps tried to call your phone but i guess it changed.
    hey i just saw your post. don't know if i ever got back to you. i'm near greenfield. what's up?
    hey, im in noho right now, till a few days before xmas. if you get this within then gimmie a call and we can kick it! @ 860 573 2322
    hey are you still in massachusetts? lets hang out and talk adventure.
    Hey I'm zoe I'm 22 actually justg came from boston yeserday ur rite its the shiiiittttt.! Anyway I'm new to all this I need a trusty friend for the road currently in shithole springfield need to break out fast. Just a lil while till I put pics up and I don't mind being a friend on fb either or voice verify. If anyone can help PLEASE HELP
    I'm in Walpole. What the hell is there to do around here?
    hey, you goin to strange creek this year? if your come say whats when you see me. itd bee cool to know youur face.
    Friends are leaving, and I'm loosing In state connections with people.
    $100 fine trespassing on railroad property...
    $100 fine...
    $23 buskin'/Spangin'...It's a start.
    I hate when Homebums spange me.
    Fuck probation, I can't go anywhere!
    I've heard of "folklife" A Lot...is It just seattle?
    As far as meeting up, I prolly won't be traveling until sometime next Month If everything goes well.
    but It'd be awesome To see a new face...haha
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