Private Messages

Conversations are a series of private messages sent between two or more users. No one but you and the person(s) receiving the message can view it. Even Moderators don't have access to your private messages.

If you've sent private messages on other message boards before, it basically works the same way here. StP does have some advanced functions that you might not be used to though, so we designed this guide to help you understand and make use of them.

  • Starting a Conversation - How to send private messages to other users of the website.
  • Inviting Others - How to invite other users to a conversation you've already started with someone else.
  • Marking Items Read/Unread - How to mark messages read or unread without having to click on them to view the content.
  • Message Participants - How to tell who's been invited to a private conversation you're participating in.
  • Message Viewed - How to tell when someone has viewed the message you've sent them.
  • Kicking Users - How to kick someone out of a conversation you're having. Kicked users are blocked from replying.
  • Deleting Conversations - How to delete conversations in your inbox.