Content Removal Policy

We will not remove anyone's content, under any circumstances other than the following:

  • The information endangers someone via prosecution by law enforcement.
  • The information endangers someone via bodily harm from another individual.
  • The information results in the harassment of an individual.
  • Extenuating or unusual circumstances outside the reasons listed above.

We will not remove content just because you don't like it.

On the other hand, it is your job to think about the content you post here on this website, before you do it. It is not our job to clean up after you because you posted something you're embarrassed about a few years later. If you submit a request to have something removed that doesn't meet the above guidelines, we will issue you a warning.

This includes not just what you post here, but anywhere else on the internet. For example, if someone posts a video on StP of you doing drugs, you need to take that complaint to YouTube, not us.

Welcome to the internet; this shit sticks around for quite some time, best get used to it.

What happens to my content when I delete my account?

While the content you author on StP is your own, we retain the right to keep a non-exclusive copy of anything posted to this website. The message board format is highly depenent on it's thread/post format, which is why we must retain a copy of all contributed content. Enabling users to delete their all of their content along with their account would literally 'swiss-cheese' the message board as threads and posts were deleted.

For example, if you created a thread that someone responded to with something very useful to the community, that content along with the entire thread (created by you) would disappear since deleting the first post in the thread deletes everything in the thread. This is done because otherwise the thread would be 'headless' and leave orphaned data in the database which is always a Bad Thing.

Also, deleting posts that you created in other member's threads would create 'gaps' in the conversation, ruining the archival value of a message board and making some conversations in the forums make less sense (or be downright incomprehensible) to other users.