The edge of angels landing

The edge of angels landing

Just relaxing @ 2,000ft up.
@CaptainCassius except for all the people.

Have you been to the Grand staircase-Escalante? I really enjoy that place and itb usual has fuckall for people there, but you better hurry, out malevolent overlord El trumpo is gonna cut it in half
@Gypsybones yes I have been many times, I used to work and live out in the boonies on Lake Powell. Lotsa good times out there I'm very upset about this whole business concerning the antiquities act.
Observation Point. Nice. Used to be a Ranger in Zion.

I wouldn't worry about the antiquities act, it won't be going anywhere. The lawsuits about Trump shrinking the monument will hold up that "decision" for years.

Fuck Ryan Stinky. That guy deserves what's coming to him

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