Hitchhiking in the Sahara
Peanut Butter Boy

Hitchhiking in the Sahara

It was freezing cold in Canada so I hopped on a plane and moved to Paris. Then somehow Paris decided to get white. The next thing I know: I’m hitchhiking across the Sahara.

I was living on the sea side of Vancouver Island for few months when the rain started to take more and more space in the small village of Tofino. Looking at ways to get away from it I booked an 200$ flight from Vancouver to London. I had in the head of hitchhiking down to Paris and spend the winter there.

After 2 months in Paris, Christmas time came and I was around cold and rainy days again. I started Hitchhiking south. 1 month later I was in the Sahara.

Sahara is the largest hot desert on earth. Most of us will think about the dunes when they will hear Sahara but it is much more than that. This North-African dry spot is home of mountains, rock field and the purest beach you could think of.

Ironically I’m now in Senegal where I’m trying to get away from the warm days.

Here’s some photos of my European/Saharan
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