Craving spaghetti for some reason

Craving spaghetti for some reason

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Very tedious work, unwrapping 45 years of electrical tape. So much excess wire! But.... now I can trace through and take out even more no longer needed wire and simplify my Simple Step Van. I took this picture as a 'before' and will upload an 'after'. Will not be able to work on it for another few days though. Many other chores await before I'll have the time. ~ peace and got the wrong alternator in the mail and had to ship it back this morning, will take a week for a refund
Since I posted this I quit my new job, then tweaked my back and had no money coming in for 4 weeks, got rehired at my previous job and now have full benefits, and am climbing out of debt. My last 3 paychecks were gone the day I got them and the next two will be gone as well. But... I have accumulated some old manuals and managed to slowly gather some more parts. I'm about $150 away from being able to complete the wiring and that will be the first week in Sept. Cannot wait! Have to though. ~ peace and that is where I'm at
Pffftttt! Welp, I'm still accumulating parts and manuals and tools. October 3rd will be my tenth day off in ten weeks and it has rained EVERY SINGLE one of those days off. The last of everything to do the wiring should be here by the 6th and hopefully, hopefully, on the 11th I will be able to install it all. It has been a long and slow process and in the end it'll be worth it. But the price of copper wire has shot up about 7 dollars (US) a spool since last week and the availability has gone down as well. Tariffs suck. Once the wiring is done and all my lights and gauges are operating I will then take it to the local garage and have the E- brake fixed, a rear transmission seal replaced, and whatever else it takes to get an inspection sticker. Luckily there are five paydays in November. Then I can start throwing money at the engine.
Not doing any build until the Step Van is mechanically sound. That is where I am at. Besides all the shit that comes with owning and maintaining a house and property on one day off a week. Not to mention NY taxes. ~ peace and I will post an after picture, just not there yet
@dprogram Not running now but it does run. Could use a lotta help. Especially a second pair of hands. ~ peace

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