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  • oopsie
    Stay warm! Hope you have enough warm clothing! All the best!
  • oopsie
    Sorry to cause a moment of worry! It's all bless, only hurting a little, it's started snowing now so got the focus on trying to keep the...
  • oopsie
    oh, i see... we don't have that term here in the USA! definitely sounded like someone robbed you :p sucks you're hurting, but hopefully you'll...
  • oopsie
    Thank you kindly! That's the main aim really!
  • oopsie
    Me as well! To be a bit more on topic again: all the best and I hope it heals soon. Take care not to get an infection!

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Alternative Housing

All kinds of photos of alternative living structures can be found here, whether it's a tree house or an underground hobbit hole.