I thot nearly everyone on STP could relate... Gentrification all 'round the nation
#Gentrification is the new colonialism
Y'all have a good point but this principle alone doesn't stop smaller scale taggers
I love graffiti and tagging. It brings colour to usually drab scenes. Gang territory shit is simply just shit though. Ruining the face of a building for no reason or destroying someone elses art is shit tho imo. Ive spraypainted on alot of things as an idiot kid but this person isnt just some drunk punk they know what theyre doing. Gentrification is sad in most cases, but as a traveller if an neighbourhood sucks i just leave. Thats my selfish perspective.
Yes, but if a building owner brings in a commercial artist to improve "aesthetics", then it's just free reign for any other artist to improve upon it. Coming from another heavily gentrified City to SD, i can seriously relate to the message that's presented here.... Unfortunately I'm at a stage in my life where I have to settle for a minute & the message this artist is presenting resounds loudly for me
I didn't even know what the word gentrification mentbut we have a similar anything going on in our Lincoln Park neighborhood in Duluth Minnesota

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