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New Profile Posts

  1. QueerCoyote
    QueerCoyote Hillbilly Castro
    Miss you dude, I'm leaving cuse going a short drive nortg so your bikes gonna be in storage. Not sure where I'm going after May, any suggestions? We should chat on the phone one of these days
  2. camateg
  3. ratscratch
    once you start breaking out heroin im fucking gone
  4. Bedheadred
    In n out kick downs.. yum
  5. Aussie Timm
    Aussie Timm
    Living at work now rent free. Real basic but i have the lunchroom, toilet, shower and my tv and ps4
  6. ChezaRose
    Anyone got a ride back to Cali from Arizona area?
  7. Georgeez
    Feeling better, slept in the bushes at a dog park. Gonna find another spot to sleep at for the rest of the day. Wish me luck <3
    1. VeganBrianFL likes this.
    2. Mikedub
      I hate bush sleeping. Keep trucking. It will get better.
      Jan 22, 2017 at 4:58 PM
  8. Yancwhatchuwanttho
    Talk about a broke down palace. One challenge after another, we will persevere.
  9. Brust Kelli
  10. Brust Kelli
  11. ChezaRose
    Likewise if anyone has a ride to Turlock CA or near from AZ lemme know plz
  12. Jaxisdragon
    Almost back to slabs from the LA protest! Going to a new city tomorrow to continue to protest
  13. Sleepygene
    New to Chicago, trying to learn how to love this city right
  14. angerisagift
    Beautiful day in Greeley. Cool not cold
  15. h0pe
    nloveland ... layers like an onion and just as smelly
    1. angerisagift
      Really ?? I liked Loveland when I was there
      Jan 21, 2017 at 11:09 AM
  16. rooster831
    3 more days . . . 3 more days . . . :mad:
  17. Scruffy
    Sitting here fucked in Harrisburg
    1. Fox Spirit
      Fox Spirit
      Harrisburg isnt so bad a place to be. Its pretty easy to get out of too.
      Jan 21, 2017 at 10:53 AM
      angerisagift likes this.
  18. brittanybruce
    I'm trying to get to Washington DC or Baltimore in the next day or two
  19. drode
    Been thinking. I shouldn't get back on the road with a guitar. Makes hopping a bitch. Especially with a dog. Imma be a straight bum.
  20. Mongo
    All work and no play makes Mongo a dull boy.
    1. zim likes this.