2017 Jamboree

This is where you can look back on the 3rd annual get together we had in Slab City, California in 2017. This forum is locked and only for archival purposes only. Discussions regarding this year's event should be directed to the current Jamboree forum.

Latest Status Updates

Lets ride bikes to the end of the world...its flat afterall...right?!
Pdx has been fuckin amazing thx to @Snorting Nitrons and the rest of the squad ~NPR4lyfe~
My kitchen is getting smoked tonight damn, need a brew!
Hitchiking greece till august the 10
You have a better chance of redemption selling your soul to the devil than finding spirituality in sedona. Stay away from this place. Fuck the promotion, I quit!
done treeplanting...Edmonton for a day and Vancouver bound...
Anybody know of any geographical maps i can download.
Still thinking about bike touring, but becoming less considerate of it.

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