Brand new! hi!

Hey there, welcome to StP! I like the hair cut. Slow travel as we do it here is definitely a good way to take things day by day, and travel in general is a good way to figure out what you want to do later by expanding your horizons and all that.

I think I saw you on our discord earlier so hit me up there if you need any travel advice. What methods of travel are you interested in and where do you want to go?

News & Blogs Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

From what I saw of the trial it really all boiled down to whether or not he had provoked anyone by pointing his gun at them. Someone accused him of it earlier in the night, but there's no video and said person couldn't be found to testify. Right before the incident with Rosenbaum (first guy shot), there's about a second of grainy drone video where it kinda looks like he's pointing his gun at Rosenbaum, but it's really hard to say sure. Personally I think he probably did, but it's hard to say it's beyond a reasonable doubt.

All that said I truly believe if he wasn't a high profile case and had a different skin tone they would've thrown the book at him and his mom.

Thoughts on crossing eu borders by boat without a passport?

Sounds like you already know, more or less then, didn't mean to pour cold water on the adventure though I suppose I was.

On the plus side, France along with Catalonia seem to me to be the most free countries in Europe (and less rule-bound than England). So possibly any officials you encounter won't care.

if you already crossed and were fine then the canals should be fine also.

And if your losses are minimal if you do get stopped then why not? Worst case you just start over and figure out the bureaucracy or some other way around it.

Thoughts on crossing eu borders by boat without a passport?

Whatever guys.
I bough a dirt cheap Halcyon 27 in UK, sailed her across the channel to France right during the pandemic lockdown and Brexit time, without having yet any official boat papers.
My way of doing always been to let the administration deal with the situation I present to them, while Im having a cup of coffee down below. Funny enough, most of the time, you do what the fuck you want, if you decide to do so.
Why the fuck are we even speaking about migrants, Laura Dekker and bicycles ?
@Colinleath "From personal experience doing things where I'm afraid of being caught is far less relaxing than otherwise"
Well that is some sort of opinion. I feel the exact opposite way, once I step outside the legal boundaries, being caught isn't a worry anymore, and freedom has a very different taste. One that very few people really know about.

Featured Photos Travelogue First bike tour, US edition, heading south

I made my last post just one day before getting to Key West, a little disappointed with my ride down the Keys up to that point. The good news is that from the Seven Mile Bridge on down, the scenery gets much more attractive.


The funniest part of this photo is my new phone creating two electric pylons out of one because i took the photo in motion. (I am on my third phone of the trip. Electronics don't do well being smashed around, so my usual travel tip is to always buy the cheapest phone you can.) This is actually a good thing to note when you're cycling down the Keys... Although it is really cool to cycle over these very long bridges and causeways, you're not allowed to stop on any of them. This patch of empty road is extremely rare. This is a very busy highway, and you'll rarely get a moment to breathe.

I camped at the one campsite in Key West, on Stock Island, where i had to book three days minimum and paid $75 a night for a no electric inland site. Key West is a ridiculously expensive place to stay. In fact, all of the Keys are. I stayed at my first Warm Showers host in Key Largo, which i didn't want to do because i find homestays very awkward and uncomfortable - i don't like being forced to socialize in exchange for "free" accommodation, it just exhausts me to have to perform on demand in that way. I'd rather work for a couple hours and pay for a private campsite than "werk" for a couple hours to get a place to sleep. But in the Keys there was little option.

Anyway, i bring up Warm Showers because i was sharing a spot in the yard of the host with another bike tourer who traveled from San Diego to St Augustine with a partner, then was heading down to Key West solo. They stealth camped pretty much the whole trip and so had a bit of a different experience to me... But then in Key West a fellow STPer and i coincidentally ran into this bike tourer again, and they shared that they had been busted by the cops for camping in some of the greenery along the side of the road between Marathon and Key West. There is a lot more greenery along that stretch, and a few places where you could probably get away with it, but it seems the police are pretty serious about cracking down on illegal camping, so be careful.

Later on, when i left Key West, i took a public transport bus back up to Florida City (i unhooked my gear and chucked it in the bus, then hung the bike on the front rack), and spotted US Border Patrol investigating a boat that had come ashore on one of the keys. Although in Key West itself you don't often see uniformed police walking around, i did get the sense that the road (and water) up and down the Florida Keys is relatively heavily policed.

If you're a railfan, it's worth checking out the old railroad bridges that run along side the Seven Mile Bridge and several other newer causeways. These used to be part of the Florida East Coast Railway extension, before getting smashed by a hurricane and then converted into a highway, and then abandoned in favor of the newer bridges. The metal guardrails on the older bridges are actually made out of the old railroad track. There are a bunch of places you can stop to explore the older bridges, because a lot of them have connections into state parks or protected areas and have been turned into public fishing piers. Of course, i didn't stop to sightsee because i was so close to the end. To be honest i think exploring the Keys would be way more fun in a canoe or similar shallow-draft vessel than on a bike.

And, yeah, it felt like a bit of a bummer getting into Key West. The town itself is very touristy and not my kind of vibe at all. There are lots and lots of bars that sell cheap alcohol, but the music isn't to my tastes and the crowd is mostly older and very wealthy. The good thing is everyone will buy you free drinks if you share your story, but eh. There's more to life than free booze. The food is okay, but not as diverse (and cheap) as in the bigger cities of Florida. Most of all, the accommodation is insanely expensive. I'm glad i went to visit just to say i was there, but it turned out not to be a place i would like to stay. I found Miami far more inspiring and interesting, so that's where i have come back to, for now.

When i finished my Canadian part of this tour, i wrote down that it seemed you could travel for $15-20 a day in the western provinces, that's including legal camping and purchased food along the way. That is absolutely not the case in the places i visited in the US. Everything got more and more expensive the further south and east i went. You could perhaps swing it in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas - just stay at cheap state parks, fishing lakes, wildlife management areas... but from Oklahoma down through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and worst of all Florida, the cheap/free camping disappears and paid camping just gets more and more expensive. In Florida you're probably looking at $30-35 a day if you want to find legal spots on the move and not just post up in the cheapest water management district or backcountry trail and never go anywhere. The state definitely has its highlights, but it's not a good place to be broke. I traveled the state much cheaper than the average holidaymaker, but i still definitely paid "holiday money" while i was here - i.e. traveling cost me more money than i would've spent housed up. For me that's a warning sign - ideally i want my traveling lifestyle to be cheaper than (or at least comparable to) being housed up, otherwise i will run out of savings too quickly.

Either way, here i am back in Miami, moving from cheap hotel deal to cheap hotel deal over the next week or so. This weekend is Art Basel, so hotels are spectacularly expensive, and i haven't yet found a deal. I might end up at an airport motel. The goal right now is to scout out a good destination in Latin America to fly out to (all the flights go from Miami). If i don't succeed (or i chicken out), then i will jump on Amtrak and continue my bike tour in the US southwest. I'll loop back with a summary post here when i figure out what's next.

Oh, and Colin - i have a lightweight tablet with keyboard that i use for making these long posts. I don't use it often when camping because i don't have a way to charge it, but when i am in a motel/hotel or campsite with electric i will go back and edit whatever notes i took on my phone ready for posting. Regarding the lowercase "i" - that's a stylistic decision i made as a teenager that i now consider part of my written identity. I actually struggle to get my phone not to correct it. If you ever see a post from me with capital letter "i", it's either because it is a work/professional email, or it's because my phone annoyingly autocorrected it.



News & Blogs Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Damn, I actually had to look this word up from your comment prior to the one I responded to:

Coywolf, I don't think either of us want to see any human beings get murdered over this kind of shit.
I know we're seeing things a little different here, but in the end I think we both want the same thing, at least I hope so :)


News & Blogs Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Yeah Coywolf, I get that... but those wealthy areas - they had insurance I'm sure - while the poorer areas most certainly don't, or if they do it barely covers anything.

I know parts of NYC's wealthy shopping areas got totally destroyed, which is a fucking shame I mean what's the point of that ??

I remember some of that shit going down in the Pacific Northwest, didn't they have a courthouse under siege for a real long time ??

That seems more logical then terrorizing a neighborhood.

If people are mad at the government then they need to take it out on the government.
Same with law enforcement decisions gone wrong, no reason to destroy neighborhoods over that.

This rioting and looting of businesses whether wealthy or poor is something I'll never get on board with either.

Brand new! hi!

My name is Robin, I'm 20 right now and really have no idea what I'm doing or what I want out of life. I was reccomended this site by a close friend who used to run in anarchist circles and was in a commune. Because of the nature of my uncertainty about life as a whole I'm starting to be drawn to this idea of travelling wherever I want, meeting new people, having new experiences, and not having to worry so much about where I'm going to stay for the rest of my life or what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, and just take it day by day. I generally have a difficult time doing things by myself, maybe this will improve that, but that also means I'd love to have a partner in crime on this journey if I decide to commit to it, or at least someone to help me get started in exploring this world and living life. Definitely hit me up if that sounds interesting to you. Discord is my preffered method of communication so if you send me a request there I'll for sure se ya

Thoughts on crossing eu borders by boat without a passport?

Maybe look up the story of the youngest person to solo circumnavigate, Laura Dekker. Ok nevermind, it's not relevant. She sailed from the Netherlands to England. And probably had a passport.

I'd guess that at every port the captain will want your passport and boat registration (even in the canals?) If you can avoid overnighting at a port ever it might be possible.

One of my friends was initially trying to leave the US without passport and sail to Oman (i believe) but he ended up getting the passport first. And he made it eventually via sail and overland transport.

I for one wouldn't want to try. It's not like you're simply crossing and then ditching the boat and disappearing into Schengen. Especially in the canals it's basically like you're on a road with a license plate. (Or without one!)

But i don't know for sure. I've bicycled the canals across France a few times and in places there are possibly abandoned, probably unregistered derelict barges. . . But they're not going anywhere.

As for what happens if caught, I imagine they impound the boat and send you back to England. That's just a guess.

From personal experience doing things where I'm afraid of being caught is far less relaxing than otherwise. But that's my own temperament. Others get off on that sort of thing.

News & Blogs Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

I was always amazed how no one [as far as mainstream society goes] said shit about all the damage caused during all the violent protests which occurred during 2020, but yet these same people who didn't say shit then, man they can't get over what went down on Jan 6th because God forbid angry people directly confront the fucking government....

Probably because one actually involved the systematic murder of multiple unarmed citizens at the hands of the government, with video evidence...

And the other was a lie...with zero evidence...put in place to overthrow out current governmental system into a fascist dictatorship...

Pretty much anyone with critical thinking skills can determine the difference there. Racism is definitely a factor in the ability to differentiate the two.

Lemmy of blessed memory and Motorhead said it best regarding the LA Riots, something to the effect of what I just mentioned - how the rioters NEVER loot and destroy anything other than poor businesses and neighborhoods that they live in as opposed to showing up in Beverly Hills or something.

Portland, Seattle, and many other left-wing cities would beg to differ, as 2020 has shown you. The wealthy DT areas with many large chain businesses were completely destroyed.

News & Blogs Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges


Ok first off. You need to use the EDIT option for your posts, instead of posting like 100 replies. It is spamming this thread.


ok so, you see someone with an ar at a protest then you try as hard as possible to disarm them while screaming that youre going to kill them right there, even when they run from you for a long time. then after pointing a fucking gun at them they shoot you.
why would you think your actions are legally justified, if not moral (kkk nazi whatever)
legally justified.
were not talking about whether it was wrong were talking about why a judge said "yeah you defended yourself from a fucking mob, im not gonna make you a felon for the rest of your life"

This is why so many people have a problem with a 17 YO white kid being able to go armed to a place he shouldn't have been and get away with murder.

while a sexually abused minor who is a POC is found guilty of murder by killing her rapist.

I don't give a shit how much self defense this kid delt out. The fact that he shouldn't have been there "because let the police handle it" has been used in EVERY conviction of a POC in the name of self defense. And somehow, unbeknownst to us, this POS can get around it.

Your arguement seriously seems that like of an An-Cap, who value private property over human life...and I take SERIOUS issue with that.

Bill Cooper and 90s right wing politics (where we got the phrase "wake up, sheeple")

Neo nazis are racists. KKK in new clothes, rebranded for a new generation with the help of social media.

Militias have always been around. The Order of Assassins in ancient Persia, the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War, the Mormons who had formed the equivalent of a small nation state before joining the union, Nazis, the KKK, Branch Davidians, etc, were all groups formed to oppose what they saw were intolerable issues in society. Whether for religious, political, racial or other issue, militias are a magnet for the lost, the disenchanted, the lonely who feel empowered by the exclusionary ideology offered by these groups. Plus they get to play with guns. Nothing new going on here. Same song, different verse....

Offgrid settlement

If you can find a group of people irl who aren't dysfunctional af, then good luck. The internet is a mirror of the real world. I think really you must be an artist and a special person- a charismatic leader in their prime. Only this kind of human can create a community in the dwindling days before we recede irrelevant into the night.

Communities are hard to start. Hard to maintain. Ghost towns are nowhere near supply chains. But honestly I'd be down to lend a hand if the bones are there. New Mexico has a pretty good ghost town I know of.