New guy here

Hey i'm a young guy here in newport oregon. I have a month off of work because i am changing my career path for the better, after working for an absolute horrible company for 3 years, i have the courage to explore a bit. I also am offering a ride from Newport oregon to Eugene oregon on aug 11. Next wednesday. got room for 3 people. I am a nice guy and would like some company. I don't have anyone besides my girlfriend. No friends at all and it is pretty depressing. So i thought this website would be very interesting to meet new people and just read stories. Peace out guys!

Heading to Los Angeles

Hi im heading to LA will be there on Saturday. Hoping some like minded people might want to chill and hang out. Im 39 m pretty laid back easy going. I drink and im 42o friendly. Just finished traveling all over the east coast and Im going to be very happy to be back out west. Maybe meet up have a few drinks shoot the shit exchange travel stories. Your interested let me know.

Canada tips and advice

Hey everyone so I completed my first train journey from Edmonton to Toronto a couple weeks ago. It was pretty fucked had a bit of everything, getting spotted almost immediately, hitching with a conspiracy nut, all-night stake-outs, full sprint catch-outs, bailing out of a moving train going the wrong way, crazy dude following me, cops thinking I was gonna lay down on the tracks, getting rained on while in a yard, low of 2 degrees one night, amazings views in Ontario.

So I'll post that story in the travel stories forum but I figured I'd share all the useful tips I picked up from this trip and a couple others I have planned.

Edmonton: was pretty easy catching out on CN just outside Walker Yard. Catch out spots are in logical places and there are tons of IMs stopping or crawling through. Heads up that lots of EB trains were on the north track which made me miss a couple good rides. I got on a stopped empty gondola and hid in the front left corner since we were on the south track. Unfortunately we were passing a junker and the conductor was looking into the cars on a "roll-by" which I heard on the radio. They were positioned on an S bend which meant they could look straight down into the entire length of the gondola and spotted me. We stopped just past the junction and I bailed and hopped a couple fences with my heavy ass pack into the suburb along the tracks. So make sure you're fully hidden cause fuckers might be waiting and watching for you. Trains were moving far too fast in Sherwood Park so I wouldn't recommend trying there. Had to hitch out of Sherwood Park which was slow and terrible and the guy was a whacko. He got me to Saskatoon though so I really appreciate that.

Saskatoon: there are no damn trees. The ones on the Northside had ticks all over so ditched them ASAP. By nightfall it was dark enough to sneak across the yard to the south side at the bend just east of the yard which was much better. There's a path running along the edge there and at night it was deserted. All the trains were moving pretty fast though, at least 10mph I reckon. Getting closer to the yard was way too exposed so I just tried it and was able to match the speed of an IM and only had to check 4 cars or so before finding a 40 in a 48 to ride. Getting on just west of the yard might be a better play considering how open and exposed the yard is and how quickly the trains accelerare out of there.

Winnipeg: it took about 32 hours I think on an IM from Saskatoon to Winnipeg. I passed the inspection portal just east of Portage la Prairie hugging the container but I didnt see any shade or flashes going through so I don't know if that inspection portal is even there anymore (my head was down). In Winnipeg watch out because all the IMs destined for Toronto and Montreal did NOT go onto the Redditt subdivision like I assumed. They pulled into Symington and (4 hours later) it sped out on the Sprague subdivision towards the US and I had to bail at 25km/hr and it was steep as hell on the side so I ate a bit of shit on the tuck and roll. I saw more trains going west via Redditt so I wonder if there's some one-way routing going on. Anyways watch tf out in Winnipeg and make sure it doesn't leave SE out of Symington yard. I staked out for a total of like 12 hours or so and didn't see a single eastbound train on the Redditt sub going east past Transcona yard. They all went into Symington. I got a visit from some cops worried I was suicidal but I convinced them I was just a rail fan. The CN cop was really cool he just chatted and gave me advice on where to watch trains and even showed me the software he had in his car with live satellite location of all the trains and all the numbers and when the next train might pass (all seemed to be going Symington EB with a few WB past Transcona). I gave up on CN and hiked over to CP just past a junction just beyond the yard. It looked like only 3 IMs and 1 on demand junker per day according to the CP train symbols online. Took me about 6 hours before the first came through and it was going far too fast so I hiked back to CN and still 0 trains all night and morning. Went back to CP a bit closer to the yard and I was running out of time so by the time the next train rolled through I was able to sprint full speed and match the train speed to hop on. They were almost all suicides so I just took the first thing with a floor and it had maybe 6 inches of depth lol I planked that thing til it got out of town hoping no one would see me and thankfully the train sided out just outside of Winnipeg. Gave me time to check more cars but they were all suicides or this shit 6 inch deep porch IM. Checked the middle locomotive and it was locked and the train started going again so I had to ride exposed hoping none of the several people at every junction staring straight at me would report me. Took a while before we stopped again and it took me about 3/4ths of this massive train to find a rideable car (it was still shit). We crew changed at a tiny stop I didn't expect. It was called Blue River or something along those lines I forget now sadly. We pretty much flew to Thunder Bay and and waited for a few hours but then flew all the way to MacTier. Beautiful scenery east of Thunder Bay. MacTier epectedly stopped there and great bushes to camp out in. Only took about 36 hours from Winnipeg to MacTier

Get a Baofeng UV-5R for $30 on Aliexpress and program the CN channels. AAR channel 87 is the most useful.

I'll update this thread with more shit I learn along the way. I'll probably go west for Jamboree

Pacific Great Eastern Railway and the BC wildfires

Separating out the wildfire reports from julianface's great thread on crossing the prairies (

Here is some exciting news for railfans in BC.

Due to the wildfire danger on the CN main line, CN is temporarily routing at least one train per day through the Sea to Sky region, heading north out of Vancouver, past Whistler, through Cariboo region and up to Prince George.

Here is the announcement from village of Pemberton: Community Advisory | Update from CN Rail -

For history on this line, check Wikipedia: BC Rail - Wikipedia -

I was talking to a rider last year and he said this was one of his favorite lines in BC. I don't know if there's been anything rideable out there for a couple years, though. Maybe lumber racks? Last year during COVID they stopped running any regular traffic at all south of Williams Lake. But if CN is temporarily routing "1 to 2 trains a day" to avoid Lytton on the main line, there might be some GMs with rideable cars heading up that way. Quite a unique opportunity, if anyone is in the area.

Oh, and on main line freeze... Here on CP main line, north/east of Lytton, a handful of trains look to be shunting again after the latest pause. Not sure if IM will start up today, but Sunday is usually pretty quiet anyway. There seems to be a lot of politicking going on between trackside villages, indigenous communities, federal government and the big two (CN/CP). I'm not sure how much of it is really to do with fire danger and how much is just local people trying to get some recognition for the lifetime of disturbed sleep they experience while all that capital just rolls on by.

Today's news release from Transport Canada: Minister of Transport announces precautionary measures to address safety concerns resulting from extreme weather and wildfire risks - -

TLDR there will be fire crews at trackside, so keep your heads down. On the other hand, on hot days speed limits have been reduced, so it might be a lazier journey.

I am new here but old

Hello fellow vagabonds, hobos, derelicts, and travelers! I am new to this site ND it said to post an introduction. I am almost 50 and love to travel. I would describe myself as part Anarchist, part Hippy, part punk, and part misfit- non-conformist. I never feel like I fit in anywhere though. I have unpopular opinions on things and I'm almost guaranteed to have a different take on most topics. It's a curse.
I love traveling! I am considering changing my lifestyle completely and living on the road full time. Most of my travel has been thru conventional methods but that's going to change after I get to the point when I can get the fuck out of my current situation and escape Texas!
Hopefully this community can put me on the right track and is welcoming!

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Question how long do you travel?

I've read a bunch of travel stories but I'm really curious, how long do you usually travel for? Are you traveling 24/7 or do you go on weeks or month-long stints?

Personally, I'm interested in the former but I'm really curious on how y'all manage the latter. How does it work and so on? I guess mostly I'm a bit nosy but I'd really like to hear some of your experiences.

Middle of Ohio, Purusing Actions in Michigan

Trying to make a series of actions and events (Fuck 12) after I traveled to Ohio that happen to be in Michigan, plus its cool down here in Flavortown (Columbus Ohio but fuck colonizers) but I need more beach bumming in my life across Michigan after losing quite a lot in my life. Bittersweet sorta tour now with some stunning nature, willing to chuck in gas, hop, walk it, bike it or really anything just seeing if there's any buddies or comrades out there who might be interested in a jaunt over the Michigan border for seeking justice but also fun.

Couch Offered Couch eastside Detroit

If you need a place to crash in Detroit hmu and you can stay for a night or two if I'm not out travelling myself! It's usually just me and my cat and I have an extra room. There's also a ton of space to park in the lot behind my house if you just need a place to park. If you're riding the rails I can recommend how to get here or leave in any direction. If I have time I'll put you on your train!


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Gas generator?

I just wanted to start a thread about the possibility of using a gas generator for power out on the island. I can get a cheapo one for about $150, and I don't mind paying for it out of pocket, but I'm wondering if there's any specific rules/laws about using one out on cypress island. @iamwhatiam do you know anything about that?

if folks think it's a bad idea, we can still use battery banks but there's a decent possibility we might run out of juice out there.

this is the generator I'm looking at currently:


Ahoy folks. Aint been on this thing since i used to ride ages ago. Been over ten long years sailing the bc coast and cali down to mexico. Back in bc for a hot minute. And sailing this "big" beautiful boat to n fro on the salish sea. id be Stoked to show folks the ropes if anyone is looking to the blue. And if you already know them then its each one teach one. And all come out sharper than before. Yup. Give a shout out n lets find some wind;)


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Greetings from New England

Been around for a bit y'all, I guess lurking more than anything but yeah.
How's everyone?

I've been living a pretty normal life, working 40 hours a week and dreaming of not doing so.

how have you guys found balance between the grind and roaming?

I have always been more of the binger, 3-6 months on the road and the rest of time time working.

never could fully commit either way.

Cheers y'all.


Yah people !

Im a 27 yr old from Germany whos lookin for nice company to travel arround Europe starting next days or week in Hamburg.
Im lone an flexible with small shelter & hammock, i love to cook and make music together, build nice campsites at beautiful & lost places.
I prefer to travel with auto-stop but in this shitty times of covid & fear i think its going to be more difficult than the past...
So i was thinking about trainhopping or the fuck ever to get direction south, maybe u guys have nice ideas or want to join my Journey,
would love to find some connections bout here!



from backpacker to bikepacker: gear list

My traveling background is mostly backpacking. That is, bumming around with a pack, usually staying at pensions (Europe), motels (North America) or cheap hotels (Asia). Worst case i overnight in a bus terminal, train station or airport. There's still a lot of walking involved, but it's not really the same as sleeping rough.

I thought it might be interesting to detail what i had in my pack for the last 8 years or so, and what i have switched out to prepare for my bike tour.

First up: bags.


I had a ~55L internal frame pack with detachable ~10L daypack, which i left the shitty daypack somewhere years ago and replaced it with a sturdier ~20L that i wore as a frontpack. None of these were waterproof so i used a ton of ziplock bags and shopping bags to try keep everything dry. My passport still got soaked one day and customs guys have given me grief about it ever since. Hot tip: if you're hauling your gear through a tropical storm, double-ziplock your passport.


I replaced my ~55L pack with a set of waterproof panniers (35L), and my ~20L daypack with a 30L waterproof pack. Keeping a fanny pack. Eagle-eyed readers might notice that 55+20 is more than 35+30. Yeah. I'm getting rid of some stuff too.

Here's the list. Note that it's dry, i will also have food, soap, toothpaste etc.

Clothes kept:
  • jeans
  • shorts
  • underwear (6)
  • socks (6)
  • bra (2)
  • tank top (6)
  • bandana (2)
  • shoes
  • belt
  • longjohns
Clothes dropped:
  • backup pair of shoes
  • flip-flops
Clothes replaced:
  • light hoodie → merino longsleeve
  • fleece hoodie → puffy jacket
Clothes added:
  • gloves
  • beanie
  • scarf
Tools kept:
  • water bottles (2)
  • carabiners (4)
  • head lamp
  • musician earplugs
  • phone
  • tablet
  • harmonica
  • sunglasses
  • prescription glasses
  • contact lenses
  • toothbrush
  • nail clippers
  • tweezers
  • hair ties
  • lighter
  • chopsticks
Tools dropped:
  • e-reader
  • second phone (for China)
  • computer mouse (for gaming)
  • French press (for making coffee where there is none)
  • washing line/paracord
  • foreign currency
  • paperwork from 40+ years of being a law-abiding citizen 🙄
  • book of poetry
  • measuring tape
  • hair brush
  • needle and thread
  • pens
  • paper
Tools replaced:
  • Leatherman multitool → fixed blade knife
  • 10000mAh battery pack → 20000mAh battery pack
Tools added:
  • knife/fork/spoon
  • stand-to-pee device
  • water filter
  • 2L water bag
Shelter added:
  • 1 person tent and undersheet
  • 30F synthetic sleeping bag
  • foam sleeping pad (chopped in half)
Plus, obviously, i added a bike and a bunch of shit that goes with the bike, but i'll talk about that in a different thread.

The main learning i have is that paperwork is really fucking heavy and takes up a ton of room in your pack. I can fit a tent (less poles) in the space my paperwork took up. Still not sure what i am going to do with the originals, but i scanned most of them (see where to store your paperwork while traveling). Also very heavy and totally useless after you leave a country: foreign coins. I will be sending those to charity.

My question for all y'all who've been living the outdoor life for a while is... Did i get everything? Will i die out there? Do i need rain gear? Do i need bear spray? Do i need some first aid stuff? What one item do you think would be worth adding? What one item do you think would be worth taking away? Is it dumb to drop the flip-flops? Is drinking cold instant coffee going to suck? My main problem at the moment is less the space and more the weight.

I will be leaving in August so if there's anything critical i am missing that i need to order online, now is the time. I don't plan to rough it all the way, i will be using motels when i need, but i want to be prepared in case that doesn't pan out for whatever reason.

Hi future friends

Godday mates!

I'm yerst, 25, from Austria (Europe) soon to be heading east on my rusty ~40 year old old 50ccm moped.
Been living in my car now for over 2 years working 2 jobs to save up money and wait out that virus thingy.
In a month I'll be both, "home"less and unemployed (which I wanted to be for years) and I can't wait for the freedom to finally settle in after all those years.

Found this here through /r/vagabond which I've been lurking on now for quite some years to get motivation in the office that freedom must be still somewhere outside the cage.
I'm inspired by all the stuff I read on here and can't wait until I can finally participate and experience all of this, the good and the bad.

Anybody from europe travelling through asia here?
I'll head down to greece and turkey first, then depending on the virus stuff either go through the middle east or russia to china. (will take forever though, moped doesn't run atm and breaks down every 10km)

Nice to meet all of you, looking forward to get to know each other.
Also does anybody have an idea why I can't access the Chat? Will that take some time?