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Stories of travels via vehicle and living in them.
Featured Anything you wanna know about living on the road in England?
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OK so after a !title nudge from Matt I've decided to stop being lazy and get some content up about living and travelling the streets in England. I might do a big Q&A thing wit a couple of friends in a video if we have enough interest sooooo is there anything you wanna know? Hit me with your questions and I'll try and get a decent response of this bunch of wasters wit me!
Featured Photos Hedge-U-Cation Camp 2017, Devon, England
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Thought I'd share with you some photos from Hedge-U-Cation 2017 - this is a cool little event in SW England, mainly based around teaching kids and teenagers skills that relate to the travelling lifestyle... It lasts for around 10 days with a big party on the second weekend featuring underground bands and DJs... as I am a vehicle enthusiast the photos are mainly in that realm although you may find the odd person getting in the way!

Featured The Ultimate Wifi Stealing Setup

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With my departure date from Nowhere, Appalachia rapidly approaching, I decided it would be a good idea to make sure I can always have internet access in my RV. I will cover the system setup from start to finish. I'm assuming that you have basic technical competence here, including basic Linux competence.

Solar panels: where to buy?

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So I'm in the market for a cheap 100W solar panel to put aboard my van. I've been looking at the Renogy kits, which are around $160 for 100W mono. Then i found this cheap 100W semi-bendable panel with a 10a charge controller for $120. It comes from China, so i'm guessing it sucks. also, i'm not sure how useful a 10a charge controller would be (the renogy kit has a 30a). ALSOOO it says 18v. wtf. But. i would really like a bendable panel due to the low profile making it more aerodynamic (and stealthy, i guess. but i don't understand everyone's obsession with stealth). Anyone who has experience with solar power have any suggestions?
Photos Featured Short Bus Conversion Experience
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After weighing the pros and cons of a short bus, a van, or an RV my girlfriend and I decided to go with a bus. We checked CL and autotrader for something that would work for us. At the time we were in Indy, though, and were fortunate that a school bus dealer called Midwest Transit was located nearby. These guys only deal in busses and a lot of schools will sell their old busses to them as used inventory. They have locations throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. More fortunate still they had listings in our price range. You can find listings on their website and narrow them down with the filters if you are looking for a vehicle. We ended up getting a 2005 Ford E350 short bus with a 6.0 diesel engine for $2500. It has a Thomas body. The odometer reads 160K miles. It had one owner, a school district, who had maintained it. The only problem we've had is that I had to replace the starter after 6 months. It was $65 for a new starter on Ebay and seems to be working fine.
Featured News & Blogs Living in a 1991 Chevrolet G20 “Sport Van”
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Jeff Hill is pretty much the definition of DIY. He taught himself art, photography, surfing (almost) and now van reconstruction. From the East Coast, when he was living on the West Coast he decided to live in his van while converting it into a living space. But you can imagine how fun it is to live in a construction site. So he moved out, “finished” the van and moved back in. He’s back on the West Coast and just beginning his life-on-wheels. We caught up with him to see how the transition went and where he’s headed now.
Featured News & Blogs Millionaire Pitcher Lives in His Volkswagen Microbus
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Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris was paid a $2 million signing bonus. He promptly used that money to buy a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia microbus…that he lives in. That’s right, it’s not part of his automotive collection. A good part of the year it’s his home. This talented pitcher, who made his Major League debut in September 2014, would rather rough it than live the easy life in a place with four walls, a shower and a toilet.
Featured News & Blogs How To Build a Solar Bus Home – Most Amazing Conversion Ever
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I had to share with you this amazing box truck conversion home that was hand built by Joseph Tayyar who was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. He had the idea in his head four years prior to making it a reality. He spent years planning and building it and did it all himself. Now he gets to enjoy living near the beach, traveling to the desert or even enjoying the city.
Featured News & Blogs Alex Honnold's Ultimate Adventure Vehicle
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Welcome to Alex Honnold's home sweet home, parked in American Fork, Utah. We caught up with the climber for an inside look at his deluxe camper-van setup, complete with all the gear you could ever want to free solo Half Dome—or to go on a slightly less adrenaline-filled adventure.
Photos Featured Craigslist Rideshare Photography
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A friend of mine sent this photo set to me by a photographer named Cameron Browne, who was doing a series on people getting rides via Craigslist's ride share board. I thought there were some pretty cool stylized shots of some interesting people so I figured I would share it here.