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One wild fucking couch surfing night from a few months ago

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I'm here on the bus, I mean I'm sitting here on the LA bus and like always I can't sleep. Any time we're enroute, I can't sleep. The exception being trains. That big steel mammajamma rocks me right to bed every time. But this road warrior ain't a train and here I am. Since my last post I've slept on the streets, alone for the first time. Wow is that stressful man. The whole shebang is full of I guesses. Where's my pack go? By my head I guess. Do I cover up with the tarp? It conceals me, I guess. Am I going to die tonight behind this off brand auto parts store? I guess...
Featured So You Want To Run Away From Home
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Sometimes, we get questions on Squat the Planet from minors asking for advice about running away from home. Our general policy is to discourage minors from traveling, but this post serves to provide help and resources to any minors who are considering running away from home because of their rough situation. This is by no means the ultimate guide and we encourage readers to try out the resources that will be listed later on.