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Photos Featured My Wwoofing Experience Thus Far
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Well it has been a long time coming, but it's time that I finally write out my experiences with wwoofing. Wwoofing is loaded program, filled with wingnuts and kickass people alike. I would recommend it as probably one of the best hostel programs in the states, but I would also recommend doing it with a friend so you don't get trapped in a bogus situation by yourself. I've done it alone (excluding my brief first farm), but if I had to choose I'd rather do it with a friend. I'm in no way an expert on wwoof but think I've learned a bit on how to spot decent farms and I think that's worth sharing.
Featured Making Money Modeling While Traveling
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Okay, so I haven't done this while living on the road yet, but I do it frequently when traveling and you can earn some cash from it, and if you're interested in the artistic sense you can get the satisfaction of earning a really nice portfolio. I wrote this sort of as a guide to modeling while traveling for pay via my own experience with it. Please keep in mind at this time I looked and passed as a girl without any sort of gender questioning, and most traveling models are women.
Photos Featured Working for a Fish Processing Plant in Alaska
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So I thought I would write (and include some pictures) about my experience working for a fish processing plant in southeast Alaska this summer, seeing as how there seems to be a fair amount of people interested in maybe doing this kind of work. Hopefully this semi-indepth review will give a better idea as to what to expect before you commit to working a season up there. Sorry if this is too long and drawn out, but whatever... you can skim thru if you like.
Featured How do you make your money?
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I used to get the bounty on recyclables in the states I could, sometimes I could get the occasional paying gig or even sign flying, which I was hugely unsuccessful at. If you don't mind sharing the name of your hustle, it would be awesome if you did here.

Featured Three weeks in Yellowstone

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In June, I graduated from high school. I worked my ass off to get there and it was fucking awesome to be done with it. The problem was that I had no idea what the fuck to do after I was done. I thought about traveling but ultimately decided to work and save up some money first. Around the same time my mom started preparing to move out of the house I had grown up in and move out to the sticks.
Featured Tips for Busking From a Full Time Busker
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Personally, I hate spanging. It does no good for keeping my broke-ass spirit alive, and let's face it, when you've slowly squandered your spirit until it's gasping for air, no amount of psychoactive substance will help, until you've done something to change your circumstances. Rather than bum it, I find whoever gives me money while busking usually has a smile on their face; busking gives the community the beauty of music, it brightens the streets, and is easier to swallow in a conservative area than straight spanging.
Featured favorite spange lines
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i always get tired of saying 'can you spare any change'. i,ve made up some spange lines to mix things up, and they seem to be more lucrative. i'm sure people get burnt out on hearing the same old lines and it gets tiresome repeating your self. i'm going to give you the story behind the first.: can you spare any change for a chainsaw and a half gallon of vodka? this comes from being in ashland oregon last year. a friend told me about a hardware store outside of town. after going sure enough at the ace hardware store you can walk out with a chain saw in one hand and a handle of vodka in the other. not all of these get the best of reactions,but i don't have much to lose. another: spare any change for a bicycle helmet,i don't have a bike i just fall down alot. this one i got from a friend ,its for the ladies: could you spare any change so i can buy you some flowers? for the hip hop crew: i know you don't know me homie, but could you spare a little change fo' me? cause a pimp with a...