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Reports back from various events and gatherings around the world.
Featured Photos Hedge-U-Cation Camp 2017, Devon, England
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Thought I'd share with you some photos from Hedge-U-Cation 2017 - this is a cool little event in SW England, mainly based around teaching kids and teenagers skills that relate to the travelling lifestyle... It lasts for around 10 days with a big party on the second weekend featuring underground bands and DJs... as I am a vehicle enthusiast the photos are mainly in that realm although you may find the odd person getting in the way!
Photos Featured Punk Island NYC and central mASSachusetts
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I headed down to NYC for a few days to check out Punk Island and then a show in Brooklyn where one of my current favorite bands were playing (Sports - pop punk/emo from Pennsylvania). Punk Island is a 1 day all ages and totally free DIY festival on one of the islands of NYC every June. This was my 2nd year going. Last year it was on Staten Island, this year Governors Island. ~65 bands played this year.