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Featured Photos Koala's Ultimate Spring/Fall Gear List
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Hey there folks, here’s what I figured out works best for me when traveling in daytime temps of 40F-70F and nighttime temps of 20F-40F. I travel mostly by train and hitchhiking.

Featured How to Dress for Warmth in Extreme Cold

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There are two traditional modes of thought when it comes to staying warm. There are divided into the synthetic camp and the natural fibers camp. But I have pieced together a system (I had advice from others) that combines both and uses them to their strengths. I will also go over some of the things you can do if you are cast out into the cold unprepared.

Featured The Ultimate Wifi Stealing Setup

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With my departure date from Nowhere, Appalachia rapidly approaching, I decided it would be a good idea to make sure I can always have internet access in my RV. I will cover the system setup from start to finish. I'm assuming that you have basic technical competence here, including basic Linux competence.

Solar panels: where to buy?

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So I'm in the market for a cheap 100W solar panel to put aboard my van. I've been looking at the Renogy kits, which are around $160 for 100W mono. Then i found this cheap 100W semi-bendable panel with a 10a charge controller for $120. It comes from China, so i'm guessing it sucks. also, i'm not sure how useful a 10a charge controller would be (the renogy kit has a 30a). ALSOOO it says 18v. wtf. But. i would really like a bendable panel due to the low profile making it more aerodynamic (and stealthy, i guess. but i don't understand everyone's obsession with stealth). Anyone who has experience with solar power have any suggestions?
Featured Photos Here's my Battlepack!
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Hey so i wore this pack until it fell apart and the zipper completely broke. When a friend hoooked me up with a new pack, and brother gave me a medical reserve pack, i saw an opportunity to keep mah beloved squirrel pack and went to work... small though it is, this pack carries everything I need for daily life. all straps, pouches, and clips allow me to attach extra tools, tarps, and bags.
Featured Squat the Planet's Ultimate Gear Guide
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What you take on a journey depends on two things. How you plan on getting to your destination, and how comfortable you want to be on your way there. The important thing to remember is that traveling as a lifestyle isn’t much different than planning for a hiking trip in the woods. You’re just going to be gone for a much longer period of time. In this chapter I’ll be going over a huge list of gear you might want to consider for your travels. Now, this list is going to be long; you’re not meant to take everything you see here. Personal preference will decide what gear is right for you based on how much you’re willing to carry.
Featured The Vagabond's Guide to Buying Shit Online
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When looking for travel gear, I tend to do most of my shopping online. This is because you can almost always find what you’re looking for at a fraction of what you would pay in a retail store. Even if you’re buying something that isn’t used, online outlets are almost always cheaper than brick and mortar stores since they don’t have the same overhead costs of maintaining those stores, the employees, etc.
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I want to see everyone's diy clothes! I'm talking vests, jackets, crust pants, hoodies, bags, whatever. Lets see what ya got StP. To start i'll post a pic of the latest vest i'm working on.