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I've gone about 500 miles total on the California coast so far on an old rigid steel mountain bike I converted for touring. Here's some pictures. I need to start remembering to take more. The nonprofit in Tacoma I converted my bike for less than $100 with used parts. I got used top of the line Ortlieb bags for less than $100 watching the online marketplaces.
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Bike punk is just the clever name we’ve given to bike culture as it relates to the punk rock community. Bike punk usually results in ‘mutant bikes’ put together by anarchistic welders, games like ‘bike jousting’ that leave the contestants bruised and battered, and regular old bike touring but with a much more DIY, cheap-or-no-cost flare that yuppies with their $4,000 bikes couldn’t hold a candle to. For this guide we’ll be focusing on the travel aspect of bike punk culture, and that means bike touring. This form of travel involves using your bike to go long distances between cities. You carry your gear in ‘panniers’ or a bike trailer behind the bike and stealth camp where you can to avoid paying for expensive campsites and hotels.
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One time I rode my bicycle across America and nothing bad happened. Anacortez, WA to St. Augustine, FL. Here are some of my favorite photos taken within the last 113 days.