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Featured Photos The Graffiti Gallery - Oakland, CA
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A friend of mine in the Oakland area took me to a place I call the ‘graffiti gallery’ the other day, so I made sure to bring along my camera and see what I could capture. What came out of it was a pretty neat photo set of people in our crew working on various pieces, and you can see what a neat hidden treasure this place is, especially when the sunlight is filtering in through the cracks, as you’ll see in the pics below.
Featured Tips for Busking From a Full Time Busker
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Personally, I hate spanging. It does no good for keeping my broke-ass spirit alive, and let's face it, when you've slowly squandered your spirit until it's gasping for air, no amount of psychoactive substance will help, until you've done something to change your circumstances. Rather than bum it, I find whoever gives me money while busking usually has a smile on their face; busking gives the community the beauty of music, it brightens the streets, and is easier to swallow in a conservative area than straight spanging.