Alternative Housing

Some of the most interesting styles of alternative housing can be found here.
News & Blogs An Artist, a Shantyboat, and the Lost History of American River Communities
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THE RIVERS OF THE UNITED States have a certain lore and mystique within American culture. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these roaring waterways were home to thousands. Entire communities existed on or near the water in self-made houseboats. The history of these communities has been explored briefly in river memoirs such as Harlan Hubbard’s Shantyboat Journal, but hasn’t been thoroughly examined in a present-day context. That is, until a modern shantyboat came bobbing down the Mississippi in the summer of 2014.
Photos Featured My Wwoofing Experience Thus Far
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Well it has been a long time coming, but it's time that I finally write out my experiences with wwoofing. Wwoofing is loaded program, filled with wingnuts and kickass people alike. I would recommend it as probably one of the best hostel programs in the states, but I would also recommend doing it with a friend so you don't get trapped in a bogus situation by yourself. I've done it alone (excluding my brief first farm), but if I had to choose I'd rather do it with a friend. I'm in no way an expert on wwoof but think I've learned a bit on how to spot decent farms and I think that's worth sharing.
Featured News & Blogs Portraits Of Backpackers Living In A Tiny, Hidden Hotel In Tokyo
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Almost two years ago, the photographer Won Kim was back-packing across Japan and passed through Arakawa-ku, a ward in northeastern Tokyo. There he ran into a tiny hotel which was set in one of the larger buildings that lined the street, with no signboards to guide you there, it was almost hidden away. Kim immediately fell in love with the unusual vibes of the establishment, which was like a home to people from all over the world, unlike the typical homogenous societies in Japan – he was determined to revisit this space.
Featured News & Blogs Flat broke homesteading
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If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you’ve probably picked up on the fact that my family is not rich. (Not monetarily, anyways.) We’re not even in the “middle class” category, financially speaking. To put it simply, we’re flat broke. Don’t get me wrong. God has been so good to us. We always have enough to get us by. But most months, it’sjust enough. Which is all we really need, but it can make homesteading projects tricky to afford.
Featured News & Blogs How To Build a Solar Bus Home – Most Amazing Conversion Ever
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I had to share with you this amazing box truck conversion home that was hand built by Joseph Tayyar who was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. He had the idea in his head four years prior to making it a reality. He spent years planning and building it and did it all himself. Now he gets to enjoy living near the beach, traveling to the desert or even enjoying the city.