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Using the Website

How do I use the search?

As you've probably heard in your welcome message and in the forum rules, it's important to do a search before starting a new topic on StP. The reason for this is so that we don't have 1,000 threads on the same topic. By consolidating topics and questions into as few threads as possible, it makes it easier for everyone to find the information they are looking for (because there are fewer topics to search through).

This guide is going to walk you through using all the various parts of the search engine, so by the end you should be an expert in trying to find whatever you need buried in the hundreds of thousands of threads we have here in the StP forums.

Basic Search

That said, doing a basic search is really easy. Just click on the magnifying glass icon type in your query, and hit enter or click the search button.


Simple enough, right? Well there's some more advanced functions available that will make your search much easier if you know how to use it.

Search Options Breakdown

The drop down menu for the search engine has a few options built in, and even more available when you click on the "More..." button. First let's take a look at the basic search options.

  1. The search field - This is the basic search field we used in the previous example.

  2. Search titles only - Checking this box changes your search so that the search engine checks your words against the thread titles only, ignoring the text inside the thread.

  3. Posted by Member - This further refines your search to only return results posted by a certain user.

  4. Newer Than - This field lets you define a time period that results should fall into. In this case, the date you choose will return all results that were posted to the website after that date. When you click on this text field you'll be presented with a drop down calendar like so:
Using just these options alone can provide some powerful tools in your search for particular content. For example, you could do a search with the text "hitchhiking canada" while confining the search to show only content I've posted (by typing 'Matt Derrick' in the Posted by Member field) and restricting that search even further by telling the search engine to only return results posted to the website after January 1st, 2009:


So as you can see, you can get quite specific in you searches. Obviously, the more specific your search, the less results you'll get, and many times you'll get no hits at all. If this happens, try broadening your search by changing the options we tweaked above.

When clicking on the magnifying glass, in the drop down search menu there is yet another drop down menu:


This drop down menu provides you with a few of the most common search types in a convenient shortcut menu.

Searching In Threads

One last thing before we move on to the advanced search page. When you're viewing a thread in the forums the search drop down menu automatically changes to provide you with some new options:


These options are incredibly handy for finding content in long threads (say, 50 pages or more). If you're looking for something in particular inside the thread you're currently viewing, click the Search this thread only check box. If you'd like to restrict your search to the forum section the thread you're viewing resides in, check the Search this forum only box. Display results as threads is explained in more detail below.

The above should be good enough for 90% of you, but if you're really looking to do some digging using the search engine, continue through the rest of the tutorial below.

Advanced Search Page

In the drop down menu we were playing with above, you'll notice there's a More button next to the search button.


Clicking this button will take you to the advanced search page. You can also access this page directly via the following url:


The advanced search page has even more tools you can use to get the information you're looking for:


Most of these fields we've covered previously, but let's go over a few of the new ones we have available. You can search through the different kinds of content available on StP using the various tabs at the top of the search page. The options available to you will vary depending on the type of content you're searching through, so let's just start with the Search Everything tab.

Searching Everything

The "Search Everything" tab will always be the first tab highlighted when navigating to the advanced search page. As the title suggests, this area lets you search through all the available content on StP. The only major difference between this area and the standard drop down search menu is that you can choose to search individual forum areas:


Click on the forum section you want to confine your search to. You can select multiple forums by holding down the ctrl button (command/apple button on mac) and clicking on each of the forum sections you'd like to search. The search child forums box is checked by default, so the search engine will check any sub-forums under the ones you're searching through. Uncheck this box if you do not want to include these sub-forums in your search.

Search Threads & Posts

We've covered most of this before, so I'll just skip to the options that are specific to this type of content.


  1. Minimum Number of Replies - Defining a number here will restrict your search to threads with that many replies or more. This is useful for filtering out threads that don't have any replies (set to 1).

  2. Thread Prefixes - I often refer to these as 'thread tabs' since they're how we organize a lot of the content you'll find here on StP. Check out the FAQ guide here to learn more about thread tabs/prefixes. Obviously, choosing one or more of these thread prefixes will restrict your search to content that has been posted with those prefixes/tabs attached to them.

  3. Order By - These three options will let you order the results by most recent, content with the most replies, or by organizing the results with the oldest content first.
Last, but not least, is the Display results as threads check box. Leaving this box un-checked will order your search results with the links pointing directly to the exact post the search query was found in. Checking the box will organize your search results with the links pointing to the thread the search query was found in. Most of the time you can leave this un-checked, unless you find the thread linking more convenient.

Search Profile Posts

This tab lets you search only through content that has been posted on user's profiles. Most of the content here will look pretty familiar by now, but there's one new field you should be aware of:


Posted on the Profile of Member - This field lets you define a specific member's profile you'd like to search for content.

Searching Articles, Reviews, FAQ, Files, and Conversations

Each of these sections use the same kinds of search fields we've covered previously, so you shouldn't have any issues using them. Of course, if you have any questions, let me know by clicking the ask a question link to the left.

What is user tagging? How do I tag other users?

You can 'tag' other members of StP by typing the @ symbol and a few letters of their name. Once you start typing their name you will see a drop down menu of user name suggestions. Pick the member you're trying to 'poke', and when you complete your message, that user will recieve an alert message letting them know where and in what thread they were tagged in (and by who).

This is an excellent way to bring others into a conversation, or link someone else to another member's profile (the @username will turn into a link to their profile).

What do the blue, green, and red names mean?

Different colors represent certain levels of contribution to the website.

Blue names are for members of the site that have donated money to help us pay the bills. They get certain perks regular users do not. Click here for more information on becoming a donator.

Green names are for moderators. They can edit/move/delete posts, give warnings, ban people, etc.

Red names are for system administrators. They have the highest amount of power on the site.

How do I find other people (using member search)?

StP has a special search engine for looking up other members of StP. You can find this search under the Members tab in the navigation bar at the top of the website. Here's a direct link:


When you go to this page you'll be presented with three search fields:


You can search for a user's Username, Current Location (as listed on their profile), and the Home Town they have listed on their profile. Results are returned on the next page when you hit the Search button.


How do I report content?

Threads, posts, and other content on StP can be 'reported' to the staff if you feel it is breaking one of our rules. It's also really easy to do, just click the 'report' button under the content:


And a staff member will get back to you on the matter.
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