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Website Rules


This is a public website and while we encourage the free flow of information and ideas, we also ask that you follow a few basic rules. By viewing or participating on this website, you agree to the Rules of Conduct as stated below.

The details of each rule can be seen by clicking on it.

We encourage you to check back on this information from time to time, as we reserve the right to change it without notice.

This website is our home. Do not fuck with us.

You're a guest here, so please be polite. We reserve the right to keep our house in order by removing posts/accounts, closing threads, editing post content, permanently banning people, and taking any other actions we deem necessary to keep the board on topic. We will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, nationalist, and purposefully inflammatory comments/images/media. While we respect others opinions, we are the ones ponying up the money and time to create this space.

It is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to host opinions that we do not agree with, are offensive to the community, or irrelevant to the purpose of this message board. The great thing about the internet is that there are plenty of other places you can go and start your own website to debate these topics. Please do so.

Just to be clear: we're not here to take your shit either; even if you're not breaking the rules. If any of the staff deems your content offensive, whether it's directed at themselves or anyone else, we reserve the right to ban you outright. Just because we're nice people doesn't mean we're going to let you shit all over us with abusive remarks or even shitty attitudes. Our policy is ridiculously simple:


Please search before posting!

Please remember to use the search page before asking questions. If you need more clarification on the answers you find via search, please post a response in one of the found threads. If your question remains unanswered, please create a thread in the appropriate section. This helps keep clutter on the board down so we don't have 100 threads asking the same question. Failure to do this won't get you a warning or a ban, but it if you search before posting, it'll make all our lives a lot easier.

Hate speech sucks. Don't do it.

We will not tolerate hate speech in any form. This includes but is not limited to racist slang terms, hateful comments based on skin color or background, religious bashing or intolerance, gay bashing, sexist or misogynistic material, faith based prejudicial statements, derogatory remarks, and all poor taste jokes about these topics. Also note that using the word "gay" to describe something as stupid/lame/dumb is not allowed. Remember, these boards are open to all walks of life and with that comes the need to respect them all. So leave your hate at the door please.

Also, we're not interested in censoring a negative slur if it's used in the context of a discussion. For example, we all know the difference between using the word 'nigger' in a discussion and using it as hate speech towards someone. The latter will not be tolerated.

Don't be a dick.

Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of flaming is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the board. Flaming harms the atmosphere of the community. It also causes threads to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victim may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming).

Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned. Lastly, if it is abundantly clear that a user has no intention of positively contributing to discussions, combined with an abrasive, combative attitude, they will be banned. Users must demonstrate an interest in contributing to travel discussions, as this is a travel website. In other words, users who wish to do nothing but argue non-travel related issues are not welcome as they do nothing to contribute to the website and are not worth the trouble and headaches.

Keep in mind that this policy can and will include other things that might not be immediately apparent. For example, if you go around down-voting everyone's post's on purpose, that's being a dick. Just because we don't have a rule for every single situation doesn't mean this policy doesn't apply to you. You know when you're being a dick, whether there is a written rule against it or not. Since we can't have a rule to cover everything, this is the rule to, well, cover everything. So there.

Don't ask people for the Crew Change Guide.

Asking for or offering the crew change guide anywhere on the boards is strictly prohibited. I will say this only once, so pay attention:

You cannot get a copy from anyone online. Ever. No one here will send you a copy. It can only be photocopied from someone that has one. Asking for a copy from anyone on the boards will result in an immediate ban.

Posting specific information such as exact locations of hop out spots or information written about in the crew change will result in a warning. If you'd like to share this kind of information with people, please keep it to private messages only. Asking for crew change information in the chat room is also against the rules, and will result in a warning.

However, discussing the crew change is not against the rules, but it must be kept to the train hopping section of the website.

Also, we have been getting a lot of requests for equipment tracing numbers lately. These posts will be closed and warnings given. While this information is readily available on the internet, we consider it to be crew change information so therefore it is not allowed in public posts.

Don't post spam.

We have expanded our spam rules to include people that message us asking for money, bus tickets, or train information via phone/email. For example, if you create an account with no avatar, no profile information, and no posts other than to ask us to call you with train information because you're 'stuck' somewhere, we will ban your account. This website's benefits are for folks that participate in the community, and not for those only looking to take from it.

The same rule applies if you post in the Road Dogs, Ride Board, and Crust Surfing areas and do not have an avatar and profile information filled out.

Purposely spamming the website with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages is highly frowned upon! This includes such things as party posts, chain letters, two-word "I agree" or "me too" responses, merely posting an icon, one word replies, bumping old topics, +1, "didn't read" or "old", continually posting the same topic or post, posting a topic with the same copied and pasted text across several boards and using the Quote feature without contributing anything new to a thread.

While you are allowed to post links to your own websites and promote your own projects, posting any pyramid schemes, free offers, money making ventures, or other for-profit or spam-like promotions will get you banned. Spam advertising via the Private Message system will result in immediate termination of your account.

If you are a commercial spammer, all attempts possible will be made to block you, ban your ip address, and contact your ISP. You are the scum of the earth, and there is a special place in hell for you.

Don't abuse the website staff.

The admins and moderators are only trying to do their job, and many times they have to make difficult decisions. You may post your opinion in the thread that announces the punishment, so long as you do not flame anyone. If this thread gets out of hand, it will be closed, and you may not complain elsewhere on the board, or by other means including, but not limited to: private messages, instant messaging programs, email, telephone calls, and house visits. You also may not make threats against administrators (or other members for that matter...). Punishments for harassment range from a warning for minor harassment to a permanent ban if serious threats are involved.

Please, don't create multiple accounts.

We take many steps here to keep the site from becoming flooded with accounts no one uses, and to make sure that people listed on the member's list are real people you can meet with in real life. To help us in this task, we ask that you DO NOT register more than one account on the site. If you have forgotten your password, or even you have forgotten your user name, please use the password recovery tool. Your user name and password will be sent to the email you used to register for the site. Registering multiple accounts for any kind of nefarious purposes will result in both accounts being banned permanently.

If you need to change your account information such as birth date, user name, ecetera, please use the contact form. We'd rather edit your current account than have you create multiple accounts.

Keep your signature reasonable.

A typical signature contains the poster's name, e-mail address, smilies, small images, website, and/or a favorite quote or saying. Feel free to be creative with it, just don't get obnoxious. Anyone abusing this privilege will be warned and then have their signature removed until they acknowledge this guideline.

What happens when you break the rules?

Squat the Planet runs on a 'three strikes' policy. If a user decides to break the rules of this website they earn a warning 'point' against their account. Warning points are issued by the Admins and Moderators of StP and expire after 90 days from their issue date. This way, a user can redeem themselves if they made an honest mistake; if the user no longer violates any of the rules, the warning point will disappear after that time, essentially giving them a clean slate.

The following actions are taken against the user upon receiving each warning.
  1. First warning - there are no punishments for the first warning.

  2. Second warning - If a user breaks the rules a second time within 90 days of receiving their first warning, they will earn a second warning point. This warning will 'mute' their account. This means that the user will be able to view and read the website as normal, but will be unable to reply or post any content, including in the chat room and private messages. After thirty days, the user will be able to post and reply to content normally.

  3. Third warning - Upon receiving a third warning (within the 90 days of the first warning) the user will have their account permanently banned. Banned accounts cannot access any part of the website.

Warning Point Expiry Example

Just to make things clear, here's an example of how point expiry works.
  • Jane violates the no hate speech rule, earning their account one warning point.

  • Jane goes ninety (90) days without violating the rules, so their warning points expire. This essentially returns Jane to zero (0) warning points.

  • If Jane was to break the rules again, they would again earn one point against their account, raising them from zero (0) points to one (1) point.
Another example:
  • Joe already has one warning point against their account for violating our don't be a dick rule.

  • Joe continues being a dick for several days after the first incident, thus earning them another warning point from a moderator. Joe now has two (2) warning points against their account. His account is muted for 30 days.

  • Realizing they need to chill the fuck out (or they'll get a third point = banned), Joe is a model community member for 90 days from the date they earned the first warning for being a dick. This reduces their warning points from two (2) to one (1). If Joe continues to behave, their warning points will reduce to zero (0) 90 days from the date of the second warning.

  • Joe is good for a while, but can't seem to control themselves before the 90 days is up for their second offense (current warning points = 1). After posting some hate speech, a moderator issues another warning, bringing the total amount of warning points back up to two (2). Joe has now been muted for 30 days for the second time.
So yeah, you get the idea. It's important to remember that an Admin or Moderator may choose to skip the entire warning process and ban your account immediately if the situation warrants it. On the opposite side of the coin, the admin/mod might choose to simply give a verbal warning which doesn't affect your account and isn't registered in the system (i.e. zero points).
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