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Your Privacy


This area of the FAQ describes our policies regarding keeping your information safe, our editorial policy, and updates on whether or not we have been contacted by law enforcement authorities.

Search Engines & Your Content

There are certain parts of the forums that are blocked from indexing by search engines. They are:

Train Hopping
Making a Living
Crust Surfing
Road Dogs and Meet Up
Ride Board
Black Market
Private Conversations

This is to prevent the leaking of potentially sensitive information while still allowing a place for these topics to be discussed. A good example would be sharing shoplifting techniques in the Making a Living section, but not just handing that info over to any loss prevention agent that happens to be doing a Google search.

You should assume that anything outside the above areas can be seen by the public.

That said, nothing is foolproof; so please put some thought into your posts before you make them. They might be around for a long time. If you need a post removed for some reason, please see our content removal policy.

Our Privacy Policy

We will fight for your privacy.

The information and data you provide us in the course of using our services are as safe and private as our technology and ability allow. Protecting your privacy and security is part of our mission. We even put our money where our mouth is with donations to EFF.

We will not sell your attention or your data.

We abhor the waste of bandwidth for marketing and the tricks and scams that are used to pursue it, and we will never abuse your trust. We will not sell your information to others or use it to advertise products to you.

We will not reveal your data without a fight.

We will never disclose contents of user communications or release other non-public information about our users. In the event of a court order we will do our best to fight it.

We will tell you if the government asks for your data.

Our policy is to notify our users of requests for their information prior to disclosure unless we are prohibited from doing so by statute or court order. See our Warrant Canary page for more information.

Warrant Canary

What is a Warrant Canary?

A warrant canary is a mechanism to test for unsafe conditions, originating from the use of canaries in coal mines to detect poisonous gases or cave-ins. If the canary died, it was time to get out of the mine.

More recently, the term has been used by some online service providers to refer to an affirmative statement, updated regularly, that the provider has not been subjected to certain legal processes. If the statement is not updated in a timely fashion, users may infer that the canary statement may no longer be true.

For a complete explanation please see the Warrant Canary FAQ on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.

Warrant Canary Statement

As of November 23rd, 2016, Squat the Planet (StP) has not received any National Security Letters or FISA court orders, and we have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court, or any other similar court of any government. StP has never placed any backdoors in our hardware or software and has not received any requests to do so. StP has never disclosed any user communications to any third party.

StP intends to update this report approximately once per quarter.

Will you remove/delete something for me?

We will not remove anyone's content, under any circumstances other than the following:
  • The information endangers someone via prosecution by law enforcement.
  • The information endangers someone via bodily harm from another individual.
  • The information results in the harassment of an individual.
  • Extenuating or unusual circumstances outside the reasons listed above.
We will consider all requests for removal of content (even content a member has posted themselves) on a case-by-case basis. If the person asking the content to be removed is not the author of the content in question, we will give the content author the option to remove it or leave the content as-is.

We will not remove content just because you don't like it.

On the other hand, it is your job to think about the content you post here on this website, before you do it. It is not our job to clean up after you because you posted something you're embarrassed about a few years later. If you submit a request to have something removed that doesn't meet the above guidelines, we will issue you a warning.

This includes not just what you post here, but anywhere else on the internet. For example, if someone posts a video on StP of you doing drugs, you need to take that complaint to YouTube, not us.

Welcome to the internet; this shit sticks around for quite some time, best get used to it.
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