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Posting Threads & Replies


If you're not familiar with the message board format, look here for basic guides explaining what you need to know about contributing content, asking questions, and replying to other's threads.

How do I post videos?

The Basics:

It's really easy to post a video! Just copy and paste the link to the video into your post:


When you hit the 'reply' button, the website will automatically generate the code needed to view your video:

The 'Video' Thread Tab:

In order to make it easier for folks to find your videos, we ask that any threads you create with videos in them be tagged with the 'video' thread tab. If you're not sure how to do that, check out the FAQ topic here:


How do I post photos?

Photos can be posted in a few different ways. First, you can click the photoicon. icon in the text editor while you're creating your own thread or replying to someone else's. This will bring up a window where you can paste the url to the image you want to share:

Clicking the 'insert' button will embed the image into your post:


Another way to add an image to your post is to simply copy and paste the image into the editor. Below I simply right clicked on a image from google image search, and selected 'copy'. Going back to my text editor here on StP, I pasted the image into my post using ctrl+v on windows or command+v on mac:


Finally, for those of you that would like to share many different photos, you can use the 'Upload a File' button below the text editor when creating a thread. This button is also available under the text editor when you're replying to someone else's thread/post:


You can upload as many files/photos as you want, as long as they're under 100 megabytes each. You can click the 'thumbnail' or 'full image' buttons to insert the image wherever the mouse cursor is pointing in the text editor. Otherwise, they will show as attachments below your post like so:


Clicking on attached photos like the ones above will bring the photo up in a pop up window for easy viewing:


As you can see there's lots of different ways you can display photos, it's up to you to decide how you want them seen.

The 'Photos' Thread Tab:

In order to make it easier for folks to find your photos, we ask that any threads you create with photos embedded or attached have a 'photos' thread tab assigned to it. If you're not sure how to do that, check out the FAQ topic here:


A special note about photos:

Any photo you place in a thread/post from another website, whether it's from copying and pasting, or directly linking to an external image, gets automatically copied to the StP web server for local viewing.

This way, we'll (hopefully) never have any broken images from websites that disappear, while also adding an archival element to the StP community. Even when some websites are gone for good, you'll still be able to find their content intact here :)

How do I post a resource?

Resources are bits of information that would be useful to other travelers. These can include listings for your furry nomad, information about a certain city, or an offer of a shower (or other help) to folks traveling through your area (note that places to stay should be posted in the crust surfing area, not as a resource).

Posting a resource is easy. Just add the 'Resources' thread tab to your thread before you post it. If you're not sure how to use thread tabs, check out the FAQ answer here.

How do I use BB Codes?


Using thread tabs

In order to help us keep things more organized, we ask that when posting certain kinds of content (photos, videos, and resources to name a few) that you add what's called a 'thread tab' to the thread you're creating:


Clicking on the 'no tab' drop down menu gives you a number of thread tabs to choose from, depending on what kind of content you're trying to post. In this example we'll be posting a video to the forum:


You will now see the tab next to your thread title:


Continue creating your thread and click the 'Create Thread' button below the text field. Now that your thread has been posted to the forum, you can use thread tabs to filter different types of content. In the picture below you can see that there are several thread tabs located along the top of the train hopping forum:


Clicking on any of these in a forum section will filter out any threads that do not have that thread tab. So, for example, if we click on the videos tab:


We can now see all the threads in the train hopping forum that have been tagged with the thread tab 'videos'.

As you can probably tell, this makes it a little easier for folks to find the videos you've posted, or if you're only interested in watching videos (or photos, resources, etc) in a certain forum area.

Finally, you can get rid of the current filter by clicking the 'show all' link:


Which Tabs Should I Use?

We currently have the following thread tabs available to all users:
  • Photos - This tab is for threads that have a numerous photos, or the photo is the central subject of that thread. It's not necessary to use this tab for every thread that has one minor photo in it.

  • Videos - Threads with a videos tab will always have at least one video in it.

  • News & Blogs - These threads contain copy and pasted news articles and blog posts from around the internet.

  • Resources - Resource threads contain information that is useful to travelers currently on the road. They can be information on places to stay, dumpsters worth scavenging or offers of a shower to get clean in at someone's house.

That's it. If you have any questions about using thread tabs, please use the ask a question link on the bottom of the left hand column, and we'll add it to the FAQ!

How do I edit or delete my posts and threads?

Regular users can edit any post they create on the message board within seven (7) days of it's creation. After this time you can no longer edit your post. Regular users cannot delete their own posts or threads.

Note: Donators have no time limit on editing or deleting posts/threads they've created.

Editing Thread Titles:

If you'd like to change the title of a thread you've created, simply click the Thread Tools link at the top of the thread:


A drop down menu will appear. This is where you can add a poll to your thread, but in this example we're going to stick with editing the thread title. Click on Edit Title. You'll see the following popup window:


Here you can change the thread tab or edit the title of your thread.

Editing Posts:

To edit a post, simply click the "edit" link below the post you'd like to make changes to:


If you don't see the edit button, it's past the seven day limit and/or you're not a donator.

Deleting Posts:

To delete a post, click on the "delete" link below the post:

Deleting Threads:

To delete a thread you've created, simply click the delete button as shown above. You must click the delete button on the first post in a thread to delete the whole thread.

How do I offer a place to crash or find one for myself?

If you're looking for a place to stay or willing to offer one for others, you should first go to the Crust Surfing area:


Here you can create a thread and assign a thread tab to that thread designating whether you're seeking a couch or offering a couch for others to crash on:

If you're unsure how to use thread tabs, check out the tutorial here:


Overall, the crust surfing area works the same as the ride board, so for a blow-by-blow tutorial check out that FAQ answer here:


How do I find or give a ride in the ride board?

The ride board is now ONLY for people seeking or offering rides. If you're trying to find someone to travel with (hitching, train hopping, biking, etc), please use the Meet Up section.

Also, in order to post a thread on the ride board, you are required to select a 'thread tab'. This is a drop down menu next to your thread title:


There are two options - 'ride offered' and 'seeking ride'. These should be pretty self explanatory, but just so you know, if you're looking for a ride, select 'seeking ride' from the drop down menu:


And obviously, if you're offering a ride, select 'ride offered'. Easy right?

The best part of this new system is that you can sort out what you're looking for by clicking on the ride offered or seeking ride links next to each person's thread. So, if you want to ONLY see people looking for rides, click on the seeking ride box in the thread list like so:


This will show you ONLY posts with the 'ride offered' thread prefix:


Hopefully this should make it easier to find what you're looking for!
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