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Donations & Perks

How do I donate money to StP?

To donate, simply use the donation button on the right hand side bar of the forums:


Donating money to StP using the donate button pictured above requires a PayPal account or credit card. If you don't have a paypal/credit card, there are other ways you can donate. Check out the FAQ answer below for more details:


Are there any perks for donators?

Yes! Donating gives you access to the following perks:

Change User Name:

Donating enables you to change your user name on the forums once every thirty days. Normal users cannot change their user names. Also, creating new accounts to do so is against the forum rules. (If you would like to change your user name and cannot afford to donate, please contact us instead of creating a new account).

Click here for instructions on changing your user name.

Customize User Title:

Becoming a donator will allow you to freely customize your "user title" at any time. (A user title is the text that appears below your user name, i.e. "just joined the board", "appreciated participator", etc).

Click here for instructions on changing your user title.

Thread & Post editing/deleting:

Normal users may edit their posts up to 7 days after it's been posted. As a donator, you have no time limit on editing your own posts. You may also remove any threads you have created.

View deleted threads/posts:

Donators can view threads and posts that have been deleted. They can view the reason mentioned by the moderator/user, and view the original content that was deleted.

Profile comment control:

You may delete your own comment posts on anyone's profile, as well as remove other people's posts on your own profile.

Beta access to new features:

As a donator you will be notified about and have access to new features we are testing on the website. As we try out new website designs and plug-ins that enhance the capabilities of the website, you'll be the first to try them out and let us know what you think.

Also, donators are automatically "grandfathered" into any new perks that arise in the future!

Where do the donations go?

Your donations are extremely appreciated, and go directly towards our website hosting fees, which are currently around $50 a month. Donations received in excess of this amount go towards purchasing new software and plugins that add additional features to the website.

Occasionally, when Matt is really, really down and out, he buys himself a burrito.

Do perks expire?

Donation perks are good for one year from the date of your last donation. If you donate again within that year, your perks extend to one year from the date of your last donation.

People that contribute a significant amount of money to the website get Lifetime Supporter status. This status includes all perks and never expires.

I don't have a PayPal or credit card. Can I still donate?

Yes! We really appreciate your patience and zeal in finding some way to donate to the website.

Checks / Money Orders:

Mail checks, money orders, or well concealed cash to:

Matt Derrick
1501 Twin Lakes Rd
Cle Elum, WA 98922

make sure to include your user name, so we can upgrade your account!


If you happen to have some bitcoins lying around, you can send them to my BTC address:


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