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Conversations / Private Messages

Conversations are private messages you can send to other users. No one but you and the person receiving the message can view it. Even Moderators don't have access to your private messages.

If you've sent private messages on other message boards before, it basically works the same here. StP does have some advanced functions that you might not be used to though, so we designed this guide to help you understand and make use of them.

How do I start a conversation with someone?

Conversations can be started in a variety of ways. Here are the most common methods:

Via a user's proflie:

FAQ  44  How do I start a conversation with someone    Squat the Planet.

Pretty much anywhere you see someone's user name, you can click on it and get their 'profile card' (pictured above). Just click on the "Start a Conversation" link to send them a message. You can also send a message via their full profile:


You can also click on the "Contact" button on a person's posts:


and finally, you can send a message to anyone (or multiple people) in your user account drop down menu:


and clicking on the "Start a new conversation" button:


In the next screen you can type in the recipients of the message, and you'll get an auto-suggestion list as you type. You can send the same message to multiple recipients by separating their names with commas.


Give the conversation a title, write your message, and you're done! For more information about the conversations system, see the related help guide.

How do I invite someone to a conversation?

The great thing about conversations is that they're like private messages, but they can also involve multiple people. There's no limit to how many people can be in a private conversation, so if you'd like to include someone in a conversation you're having with someone else, click the "invite more" link here:


You'll get a pop up window where you can type in the user names of people you'd like to include in the conversation:


Click the 'Invite Members' button and those users will get an alert letting them know they've been invited to this conversation.

How do I mark a conversation read / unread?

You can mark several conversations read or unread at the same time by clicking the check box next to each conversation and selecting the "Mark Conversations Read" (or Unread) option from the "Other Action..." drop down menu:


You can also change the read status of a message by clicking the button above the conversation while you're reading it:


How can I tell who's been included in a conversation?

The conversation participants will always be listed on the right hand side of the page when you're viewing a conversation:


If you're viewing the conversation list (inbox), you can see the list of participants in a conversation under the name of that conversation:


Check out this page of the FAQ to learn how to include others in a conversation.

How can I tell if my message has been read?

If you look at the conversation participants window in the right column while reading a message, you'll see that just below their avatar is a "last read date". This date marks the last time they viewed the message (if at all):


How do I kick someone from my conversation?

Note: kicking someone from your conversation is currently available to donators only.

If for some reason you need to exclude someone from your conversation, you may 'kick' them out of it. Keep in mind that only the person that started the conversation can kick people out of it.

To kick someone from your conversation, first take a look at the right hand column of the conversation:


Notice the 'kick' link over each person's avatar. Clicking on that link will bring up the following window:


You may type in a reason for kicking them out (optional), then click on the "Kick" button to complete the action.

How do I delete conversations?

You can delete a single conversation by 'leaving' it. Click the button in the top right portion of the conversation:


You'll be asked if you want to accept or ignore future messages:


Explanations are in the image above, so simply make a choice, and you're done.

If you'd like to delete multiple conversations, simply go to your list of conversations by double-clicking your inbox, which is always at the top right of the page:


In the list of conversations, click the check box next to each conversation you want to delete:


You'll notice that each one is highlighted when you select it. Clicking the "Leave Conversations..." button will delete those conversations from your inbox.
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