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Chat Room

Here you'll find descriptions of how to use the various options available in the chat room.

How do I turn the chat sounds on and off?

The chat room has the option to turn on or off a small 'blip' noise when a user has posted something in the chat room. By default, this sound is turned off. If you would like to turn it on, start by clicking the chat bar at the bottom of the page:


The chat room will open. Now click on the 'Options' link in the top-right corner of the chat area:


In the drop down menu that appears, click on the check box next to 'Enable Sound':


That's it. You can come back to this options panel to turn the sound off if you like.

Changing the chat position

You can change the 'display mode' of the chat room; this controls where the chat room shows up on the website. To do this, click on the chat bar at the bottom of the website:


Next click options:


Then select your position from the display mode drop down menu:


Your choices are All Pages, Above Forum List and Below Forum List:
  • All Pages: This is the default behavior. The chat bar sits at the bottom of each page of the website and opens when you click on it.
  • Above Forum List: This places the chat room above the list of forums on the home page only.
  • Below Forum List: This places the chat room below the list of forums on the home page only.

Chat options explained

This guide is going to briefly explain the other chat room options that are available. To access these options, open the chat room by clicking the bar at the bottom of the website:


and click the 'Options' link at the top right of the chat area:


Now, let's take a closer look at the options panel:

Most of these are self explanatory, but we'll go through each one briefly.
  • Enable Sound - As covered in this FAQ answer, this option turns the chat sounds on and off.
  • Enabled Maximized Mode - Expands the chat room to the full height of your browser's screen.
  • Inverse Messages Direction - This changes the direction chats appear. If you like to see the newest chats appear at the top of the chat rather than the bottom, check this option.
  • Place Editor on Top - Checking this box will place the text input area for entering chat messages at the top of the window.
  • Hide Chatters List - Pretty self explanatory, hides the list of users currently in the chat room on the right.
  • Show Ignored Users Messages - If you've ignored someone on the website, you can check this box if you still want to see their messages in the chat room.
  • Disable Chat - This removes the chat from view. If you'd like to re-enable the chat, click on the semi-transparent box in the bottom right corner of the website labeled 'Enable Chat'.
  • Display Mode - This lets you change where the chat room appears. This option is explained in full detail in the FAQ answer here.
  • Your Chat Color - Changes the color of your chat messages.
  • Add Room - This link will let you create a custom chat room. Currently disabled, but we might be enabling it in the future.
  • View Archive - Clicking on this link will take you a full page archive of all the messages posted to the chat room in the past thirty days. This archive is fully searchable by keyword, user name, and date range.
  • Top Chatters - The Top Chatters link will bring up a window displaying a list of users with the most messages in the chat room in the past thirty days.
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