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Slab City Library

General Information

This library is located in the infamous squatter town of Slab City, a former military base turned into a free camping area located about 2-3 hours east of San Diego. The library itself is open to the public, but visitors should keep in mind that it is also a residence, so please be respectful.

The space contains thousands of book across multiple genres, including children's books, puzzles/games, poetry, art, science, and a boatload of fiction novels of all kinds. Being an anarchist library, there are no due dates, library cards, or even late fees! If you find a book you would enjoy, simply take it off the shelf and keep it. The library has more book donations than it can currently handle, so click here to see their wish list if you'd like to help support their efforts!

It also has a bar in which drinks are offered on donation, and plenty of seating for those interested in kicking back and reading for a while. There is also a movie theater where weekly showings are done on Mondays after dark during the winter season. The library also hosts other various events like a weekly spoken word night and Squat the Planet's annual Dirty Scouts Jamboree.

If it's your first time visiting Slab City, the library is the perfect place to plug into the community and learn about what it's like to exist in this kind of off grid culture. If you're planning on spending the whole winter in Slab City, definitely swing by and get some advice from the library curators about where to camp, how to survive in the desert, and find out about the various camps and local events the town has to offer.

To find the library, just use the Google Map linked on this page, or follow the signs once you get to Salvation Mountain. Don't forget to drop a donation in the bucket for all their awesome help, and tell them Squat the Planet sent you!

Special Events

The Slab City library hosts the following events during the 'on-season' winter months:
  • Spoken Word - Thursdays at nightfall, main parking lot campfire
  • Movie Mondays - Mondays an hour after dusk, movie theater area of library
  • The Dirty Scouts Jamboree - A once a year meetup of travelers and community members from the Squat the Planet website, generally taking place on the first weekend of November.

Social Media & Other Information

Latest reviews

Liked: Great community. Donation based which means that even just putting in work and not being an asshole means you'll get your needs met
Disliked: No wifi
I've been to Slab City Library three or four times. Each one extremely memorable, each one with lots of smiles. Just don't be an asshole, and even if you are an asshole, own the fuck up to it and apologize.


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Liked: The wonderful sense of community the Library emanates, the Idea of a donation funded bar is brilliant, providing the slabs with a sense of sophistication (library...), the people who run this place are amazing
Disliked: The jambo ended too early, did not get to spend enough time here
I was skeptical about the slabs the first couple times went through there, but that is only because I did not meet the right groups of people. The library is the right group of people.

Drop some cash into the donation bucket, or bring them something from their "wish list" board, you wont regret it. As the projects these people are working on are commendable.

I still want to come back and help ya'll finish the other side of your perimeter fence...
Liked: Bad ass punk library in a post apocalyptic mad-max-like setting. Great parties, cool people, interesting books!
Disliked: Summers are brutal as fuck, you haven't experienced hot until you've been in the desert in 125 degree heat!
Cornelius Vango is the head librarian at this space (check out their youtube channel) and they always have a cool crew of people on staff every winter for me to come visit and hang out with. I miss all of you! Just don't be a douche and you'll likely make some good friends here.

There's a surprising selection of books, everything from science and literary arts to fiction novels. There's also a free table, which is useful for finding clothes, and the whole space is kid friendly (with children's books and games) if you have a rugrat with you.

The bar is a centerpiece of the library and while quiet during the day (it's not really a place to get schwilly -- it's a library) it's great when there are parties or celebrations at night. Had some wild nights screaming song lyrics with some of my best friends in the world there :D
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Matt Derrick
Matt Derrick
You're gonna have to be a bit more specific.
Liked: Books. Lots of books. And Freedom. And SHENANARCHY!
Disliked: No public WiFi or electricity hookups (charging stations).
The Slab City Lizard Tree Library is by far the most awesome Library I've ever been to. It is unlike any other library I've ever been to, in that it is completely off-grid. The staff is very friendly, as long as you're not an asshole or treat them like a zoo exhibit.
Matt Derrick
Matt Derrick
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Matt Derrick
@VikingAdventurer hey man, I changed the terminology of pros/cons into likes/dislikes, so if you want to change your review in any way, just let me know. everything here is still in beta status, so things might change.


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