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5 Palms Hot Springs

General Information

The water is crystal clear and there's a pole that sticks out in the middle of it. If you put your hand on top of the pole the sand starts to shift and you can bury yourself thigh deep. There's almost always an older gentleman there that takes care of the place. Be nice to him, he lost his wife recently.

The hot springs are not super hot, but they're still really lovely on a warm or even slightly cool day.

Special Notes

Do not take unnamed road to this location!

While driving on Highway 78 take Whitlock road to the area where there will be an obvious parking area.

Latest reviews

Liked: Secluded area, palm trees are beautiful, usually nice people hanging out.
Disliked: Water isn't hot, it's mostly luke warm.
It's a nice spot if you happen to be passing through. It's not usually crowded, but there's just enough visitors you won't have it all to yourself either.
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