Account upgrades

StP Supporter ($5 USD)

$ 5.00 /mo
Supporting us with a donation lets you customize your user title, change your username, and too many other perks to list!

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Use this one if you're broke as hell, but still want to help us out :)

StP Supporter ($10 USD)

$ 10.00 /mo
Same benefits as the $5 level, you just got some more flow to spare.

StP Supporter ($20 USD)

$ 20.00 /mo
Same benefits as the others, you're just a way cooler muthafucka.

StP Supporter ($50 USD)

$ 50.00 /mo
For those of you that are down as fuck for the cause.

StP Supporter ($100 USD)

$ 100.00
for 1 year
This upgrade gives you all donator perks for life. Normal donator access expires one year after the last donation.